Report: 49ers considering flying back to Bay Area because of UNLV field.

In the event that the National Football League does not persuade the Kansas City Chiefs to share the Intermountain Health Performance Center in Henderson, Nevada,

the San Francisco 49ers may be forced to make do with the field at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) as their practice site in advance of Super Bowl 58.

The 49ers continue to be displeased with the practice field that has been allotted to them, despite the fact that the league has laid natural grass over the artificial turf that UNLV uses.

In Super Bowl 58, which will take place on Sunday, the Chiefs and the 49ers will compete against each other. Since the Chiefs are the designated home team, 

they will have the opportunity to use the Raiders' facilities. According to reports, the 49ers were so dissatisfied with the circumstances of their field that at one point they even pondered taking extreme steps.

According to Matt Barrows of The Athletic, "The 49ers were so unhappy that they initially considered flying back from Las Vegas following Monday night's media event and practicing in Santa Clara before the game but have since backed off that plan, according to league sources.

The National Football League Commissioner, Roger Goodell, addressed the subject on Monday and reiterated that the league has determined the fields to be "playable" despite the objections of the 49ers.

It was first reported by Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports that the 49ers thought the field at UNLV to be "a bit soft for their liking." During the previous week, the team dispatched members of the equipment staff and the grounds team to Las Vegas in order to evaluate the circumstances. 

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