Saints head coach blames one player for questionable play.

Chris Olave is finding himself in a rather unsupportive situation within the New Orleans Saints following a single pivotal play during Thursday night's game, which has raised a lot of questions and concerns. 

During the fourth quarter of the Thursday night game, the Saints' quarterback, Derek Carr, had a very visible and heated exchange with Chris Olave. 

It was apparent that something had gone awry during the play, leading to a breakdown in communication or execution. This incident occurred in their unfortunate loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

In the aftermath of this controversial play, questions were raised, and fans and analysts began to speculate on the nature of the problem. On the subsequent Friday, 

the team's head coach, Dennis Allen, was approached by reporters seeking clarification. Coach Allen confirmed what many had suspected: 

Olave had run the wrong route. The original intent of the play was to set Olave up for a one-on-one opportunity 

but that particular game plan fell apart due to a route-running error by the young wide receiver. 

The consequences of this mishap were not insignificant. Carr's intense reaction and frustration following the play resulted in the team facing a fourth down and ultimately having to punt the ball. 

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