Scott claims that "Joker" "Celebrated Violence."

Joaquin Phoenix's portrayal of the Joker captivated Ridley Scott, who has made no secret of this.   

However, not all of the movie's themes are necessarily supported by "Blade Runner" filmmaker.  

Scott reaffirmed that viewing Phoenix's Oscar-winning performance in Todd Phillips' DC origin story was , 

what motivated him to cast Phoenix in his upcoming biopic "Napoleon" in a new interview with Deadline. But he went on to say that he didn't enjoy how the movie glorified violence.  

Scott said, "I was blown away by his outrageous flick "Joker." "Joaquin was great, but I didn't like the way it embraced violence.  

I believed he'd be an incredible asset to "Napoleon," [not only creatively] but also financially.  

I had two performers in mind for the part, and they were the only ones. The other one won't be mentioned.Scott has undoubtedly given "Joker" a lot of thought.  

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