Screenshots of the Winnipeg Volt Hockey Program, Minnesota Wild, and U-20 Indigenous Tournament

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Arizona crushed the Minnesota Wild on Saturday, falling to the Coyotes 6-0. They have now lost their last four games, going 1-7-1 in their previous nine. 

They have also been outscored 21-5 in those previous four games. Their next six games (against the Islanders, Lightning, Panthers, Hurricanes, Capitals, and Predators) are all against teams that should defeat them;

they are currently 10 standing points behind the Nashville Predators for fourth place in the Central.

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While there were analysts who anticipated more from the Wild this season, this writer wasn't among them. It's past time for Wild general manager Bill Guerin to start dealing away veterans, whether or not they are nearing the end of their contract.

There is just not enough elite talent on Minnesota's roster to change the course of their season. This team should have very few untouchable players, and Guerin and the Wild brass should be forced to face a harsh reality check by playing a half-season of essentially meaningless hockey. 

 It should not be an option to run it back with the majority of the team intact the following season.

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