Several children witness a battle break out amongst 49ers fans during a preseason game.

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During the game versus the Denver Broncos, several Niners fans got into a massive brawl and had to be broken up.  

The video begins with at least three people throwing fists, and it's unclear what initiated the fight.  

Two supporters, one in a Steve Young jersey and the other in a Jerry Rice jersey, appear to have been involved.

At least three youngsters witnessed the conflict up close and personal.

After one supporter was removed, the remaining two threw multiple haymakers; the man in the Rice jersey and another in a white shirt.

In the end, security intervened, but not before the man in the white shirt emerged from the melee bloodied and with a ripped collar.

From the looks of it, the fight started when the supporter wearing the white shirt and the fan wearing a Young jersey had a disagreement.

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