Shedeur Sanders Has A Message For College Football Players Amid Transfer Portal Surge

The son of Deion Sanders isn't afraid to talk about the pressure the Buffs are under.Colorado's football team has received a lot of praise and criticism in recent months,

and one of the main reasons people like Deion Sanders and his team is because of his roster-building process.

He has used a technique that mainly relies on the transfer portal, which, as we saw this season, works wonderfully for skill positions but not so well for trenches. 

The Buffaloes have pushed the portal hard again this offseason, presently holding the No. 1 class, but this time their priority is the line. 

They currently have six commitments in total, with four of them coming from the offensive line.

A significant necessity for a club that allowed over 50 sacks and has one of the country's least efficient rushing offenses. While four linemen have joined the team, 

 two from last season have left, with center Van Wells declaring his commitment to Oregon State on Sunday.

Quarterback Shedeur Sanders took to Twitter to reveal that not everyone is cut out to play for Colorado under the present system. 

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