Some $2 bills are worth more than $20,000

Here's how to tell if your $2 bill is worth a fortune. It's never been easier to turn $2 into $20,000 if you're lucky.

According to Heritage Auctions, one of the world's top auction houses, some uncirculated U.S. $2 bills can be worth up to $20,000 depending on a few conditions. 

And it's possible that you have one in your wallet or in your kitchen junk drawer.Why? Because many of us are preoccupied with preserving these specific bills.

"Americans don't spend $2 bills because they believe they are scarce." "However, the numbers tell us a different story," Heritage Auctions vice president Dustin Johnston told MarketWatch. 

"They've printed 100 million $2 bills in the last five years." It's a little strange that they don't circulate and are retained as souvenirs. There are very few of them that have numismatic or collector value."

Because there are so many $2 bills, chances are your own legal money in that denomination is worth face value. But it can't hurt to see whether it's worth more, right?

So, what distinguishes the $2 bills that may be valuable? It all comes down to three crucial factors: serial numbers, the date of printing, and the quality of the banknotes. 

The serial number is the most important. It is normally printed on the left and right sides of the front of the bill, with a letter in the center.

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