Sophie Skelton, the star of Outlander, has landed the lead role in the forthcoming film. 

Sophie Skelton, who made her debut in Outlander, has been cast in the leading role of the upcoming film Row.

The film, which is being directed by Matthew Losasso and is being described as a thriller, is also going to star Bella Dayne from Humans,

Akshay Khanna from Red, White & Royal Blue, and Mark Trepan from Before We Die, as stated by The Hollywood Reporter.

The plot of the narrative revolves around the aftermath of a lady coming ashore on a rowboat that was covered in blood. 

After her crewmates went missing and were assumed dead, she was left with the responsibility of proving her innocence by putting together her memories.

On board the Valiant, the lack of space fuels paranoia and high drama, according to Losasso,

who stated that "an enormous ocean appears to stretch infinitely in all directions." It's a script that's not only engaging but also incredibly ambitious.

"If filming on water wasn't enough of a challenge, add in a twisty dark plot, complicated techniques to avoid green screen backdrops, a commitment to capture the rugged beauty of ocean landscapes, and the constraints of independent filmmaking," wrote the director of the film.

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