Stewart-Haas Racing officially unveils ‘new brand identity’ and logo

After a week of hype films and teases, Stewart-Haas Racing has unveiled its new logo and makeover. The "new brand identity" comes as the organization transitions from Kevin Harvick and Aric Almirola to a new pair of NASCAR drivers.

Stewart-Haas Racing claims to be a racing team. They don't require the frills and amenities that other teams enjoy. 

This is a rebranding of the blue-collar NASCAR team, with the blue oval on the front leading the way.

NASCAR is constantly growing and evolving. Stewart-Haas is attempting to stay up with the changes, in part through the rebranding and logo change that was revealed earlier this weekend.

Check out the film, which includes highlights from SHR's past and narration from Tony Stewart himself.

Tony Stewart is a major source of conflict among NASCAR fans and Stewart-Haas Racing. The team owner appears to be less interested in NASCAR.

However, Stewart is still racing in the NHRA and managing his other business activities professionally. This involves owning an NHRA team, the SRX Series, and more.

Smoke has not been the most engaged owner in recent years. If he wants his Cup Series clubs to be competitive, things may have to alter. Then again, Stewart doesn't set up and tune the cars every week.

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