"Surreal": A North Carolina man plans to pay off his student loans and put a down payment on a home after winning $662,878 from a $1 ticket.

Joshua Allen of Raleigh recently missed a jackpot win by one number, but he didn't lose out on a $662,878 Cash 5 prize on Tuesday night, according to an NC Education Lottery news release. 

"About a week ago, I actually matched four of the five balls playing Cash 5," he told me.Allen stated that he has already decided what he intends to do with his money. 

"I can use this money to put a down payment on a house," he told me. 

Allen stated that he purchased the $1 Cash 5 ticket because his grandfather used to like playing Cash 5. 

"It was always his favorite game over the years, so I decided to play it because he did," Allen went on to say. 

He purchased his lucky Quick Pick ticket online.When playing Cash 5, the odds of matching numbers on all five balls are 1 in 962,598. 

He claimed his win at the lottery's headquarters in Raleigh on Thursday. 

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