Survivor 45 recap: Emily makes a decision

On this week's episode of Survivor 45, Drew accused Jake of attempting to act like a mafia. Perhaps the least successful and terrifying mobster in mob history, but still a mobster. 

Drew, how dare you?! He ought to retract that immediately! Because the true mob boss of Survivor 45 emerged this week, and she was none other than financial expert Emily Flippen.

Do you still not believe me? THEY ACTUALLY SHOWED HER DRINKING HER ENEMY'S BLOOD!!! Okay, okay... Maybe it was only a glass of merlot in her hand throughout those confessional interview footage, 

but who does an interview while holding a large glass of wine? It seemed like Mike White's greatest Survivor fantasy had come true. 

They kept returning to it. And she sat there, holding the wine. This week's Survivor had so much wine that I thought I was watching an episode of Cougar Town —

or some other sitcom where middle-aged adults hang out considerably more than actual middle-aged adults do in real life.

But it wasn't only Emily's massive half-empty wine glass that dubbed her the Godmother this week. She cracked the code on how to finally get Bruce out of the game. 

Not only that, but... and I want to assure the readership that the next part of the sentence is not a typo... Emily Flippen won a competition. And not some skewed challenge in which she just had to defeat one or two people. 

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