Suspending Jaire Alexander to Send a Message

The Green Bay Packers have always run a tight ship, regardless of who is captain. In my 30+ years of following the Packers, I have never saw a player act inappropriately. 

While the rest of the NFL has their fair share of unhappy players making headlines or wayward players resulting in a scandal, the Packers have largely avoided the drama

Some of the reasons are that they avoid players who may have these difficulties, they make it clear to their players that they have zero tolerance, or they make an example of players who do slightly over the line in order to convey their point. 

Jaire Alexander is the latest victim of their zero-tolerance approach. If you've been ignoring Packer news for the past week, you may be unaware that cornerback Jaire Alexander has been suspended for one game for "conduct detrimental to the team." 

So, what exactly does that mean? A fundamental meaning of that term may be that their behavior off the field could have been detrimental to the team's progress.

The Packers played the Carolina Panthers, whose stadium is located in Charlotte, on Sunday. Alexander, who was born in Charlotte, wanted to be present for the coin toss.

So, even though he wasn't a team captain, he just went out there. Surely that's the end of it, right? He just stood there as an honorary captain, letting the chosen captains do their jobs, right? Wrong.

Alexander called tails, and the Packers won the coin toss. Rather than stating that the Packers elected to defer, Alexander stated that he "wanted our defense to be out there." 

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