Taylor Swift becomes a billionaire amid a new romance with Travis Kelce.

Taylor Swift, who is currently enjoying her new loving journey with NFL player Travis Kelce, has reached billionaire status.

According to Bloomberg, pop singer Swift's net worth is $1.1 billion after a successful year that saw her Eras tour and associated concert film smash records.

The 33-year-old singer, who has made headlines for her whirlwind affair with Travis Kelce,

has been dubbed a billionaire by the business news portal as a result of her re-recorded albums, worldwide Eras tour, and lucrative concert film.

Since 2019, her song catalogue is projected to be worth $400 million, concert ticket and merchandise sales have paid her $370 million, and streaming revenue has made her another $370 million.

Spotify, YouTube, and other platforms are worth $120 million. Royalties from music sales total $80 million, while the five houses she owns are worth $110 million (£90.7 million).

According to the report, Swift is "essentially a multinational conglomerate with the world's most devoted customer base, its most charismatic CEO and significant economic power".

Swift's fortune could be substantially greater, given its analysis is based solely on assets and incomes that can be validated or traced back to publicly released numbers.

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