Taylor Swift to Earn More Than $100 Million From Spotify Alone in 2023

According to estimations based on her leading number of streams for the year provided by the streaming giant in its year-end "Wrapped" tally,

 Taylor Swift will earn more than $100 million from Spotify in 2023.Based on the 26.1 billion streams she has amassed since the beginning of the year and an average of $0.0035 cents each stream 

(an imprecise calculation, but near enough to conjecture), she would have earned about $91.35 million in November alone 

("Wrapped" was discontinued late last month). If December results are comparable, the total would be closer to $130 million.

Swift and Spotify representatives did not immediately reply to queries for comment or confirmation.

Other top earners included Bad Bunny, the Weeknd, Drake, and Peso Pluma; the Weeknd didn't even release an album in 2023,

but he had one of his career's biggest hits with the late-blooming 2016 song "Die for You." Most, if not all, of these artists hold the masters, but given that Bad Bunny and Peso Pluma are both signed to indie labels

 it's plausible that their takes are more similar to Swift's than their streaming figures indicate.

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