Taylor Swift's Single Year Earnings on Spotify to Top $100 Million

In 2023, Taylor Swift had one of the most successful years in music history, and her Spotify profits more than reflect that.

With 26.1 billion global streams this year, the Grammy-winning musician is expected to earn $100 million in 2023.

Billboard reported the earnings projection first using their newly developed royalty calculator. The 26.1 billion streams comes from Spotify's statement that she was the most-streamed artist in 2023. 

She dethroned Bad Bunny, who had been the platform's most-streamed artist for the previous three years in a row.

According to the calculator, 26.1 billion would translate to around $97.1 million in royalties from sound recordings alone. Separate publication profits (a separate copyright connected

to the song's written composition rather than the recording) would bring the total to over $126 million.

These gains come as Spotify plans to overhaul its royalty system beginning early next year in order to reduce streaming fraud and allocate more earnings to professional musicians.

As part of that strategy, Spotify revealed in November that tracks will be able to be monetized if they receive at least 1,000 streams per year. 

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