The 12 Best Fragrances, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Aries | Spicy

The first zodiac sign is fire-sign Aries. “Aries make a powerful impact and will enjoy these spicy fragrances that make an equally fiery statement,” Cardinal says. 

Taurus | Floral

Earth sign Taurus, the bull, is associated with floral fragrances. “Taurus season is the middle of spring when all the flowers bloom,” Cardinal says. To honor Taurus' earth vitality, these perfumes include suede and bourbon vanilla.

Gemini | Citrus

Gemini means “twins” in Latin. Two stars in the constellation are named after the Greek legendary twins Castor and Pollux. How does that affect scents? “The mercurial twins have a curious and stimulating nature,” Cardinal says.

Cancer | Gourmand

The crab symbolizes Cancer, an intuitive, emotional water sign. Cardinal says gourmand perfumes are nostalgic, indulgent, and sweet. “Sentimental Cancer will love these juicy and foodie fragrances that evoke dessert comfort.”

Leo | Wood

This energetic fire sign, the lion, rules the jungle—or woodlands. Cardinal says “Leo energy is romantic, royal, and inclined toward luxury, matching the warm, alluring, and opulent woods fragrances.”

Virgo | Green

Fall and hard work are connected with Virgo, the virgin. “Virgo is the sign of the harvest, and these fragrances mix the scents of garden goods,” says Cardinal. Green smells, fresh and garden-forward, complement this earth sign.

Libra  | Fruity

The scales represent Libra, an air sign that seeks equilibrium. Libra energy is pleasant and bright like fruity scents, says Cardinal. The Venus-ruled sign has a natural attractiveness like ripe fruit. 

Scorpio | Amber

Cardinal believes Scorpios are seductive and beguiling, making them a good match for amber. Mystery and scorpions characterize this water sign.

Sagittarius | Sweet

Sagittarius, the zodiac archer, seeks wisdom. Cardinal says Sagittarius enjoys fun and thinks life is too short without cookies. “They’re definitely the type of person who would enjoy delicious and slightly overindulgent sweet fragrances.”

Capricorn | Herbal

Capricorn is known for the fabled sea goat, a goat with a fish tail. Cardinal says, “The herbal fragrances contain strong, spicy notes, along with other earthy scents, perfect for Capricorn, an ambitious earth sign that matches the straightforward and unfussy nature of this family of fragrances.”

Aquarius | Clean

The water carrier or healer represents Aquarius, an earth sign. Our astrologer says: Aquarians are both grounded and exploratory. These fresh scents balance light notes with stronger sandalwood.

Pisces | Water/Aquatic

The aquatic fragrance family suits Pisces, the dreamy zodiac fish. Cardinal believes it's not just because Pisces is a sea sign, but also because its energy is artistic and transportive, like these aromas taking you to the ocean.

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