The 4 Specific Chinese Zodiac Signs Are Luckiest In Love This Week

Four Chinese zodiac signs have many romantic options this week, November 27–December 3, 2023. Monkey, Ox, Rabbit, Rat. 

 The other zodiac signs have something too. Wind over Mountain (#53) becomes Fire over Mountain (#56) in the I Ching hexagram of love this week.

The message is to remember the power of small changes. Water may sculpt a slope over time. Tiny modifications and adaptations can also drastically affect a person for better or worse.

In relationships, letting something evolve organically is healthier than being obsessed by want and illusions.

The love life energy is high this week, monkey. Those in a relationship should avoid overthinking the future and getting unwell. The universe is helping you and your spouse move forward.

1. Monkey

2. Ox

In a relationship, spend more time with your partner. Create inventive dates, surprise each other with tiny gifts and favors, or take an impromptu getaway! 

3. Rabbit

However, people interpret that differently. This energy will help couples resolve conflicts and deepen their connection. Create a ritual before and after arguments to make life

4. Rat

Your love life will soar this week. Something surprising (or not so surprising) will happen to you and your spouse this week that will make you happier than ever. 

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