The $9 billion The Cowboys excel at two things: earning money and losing in the playoffs.

The Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs are always worth watching, although for all the wrong reasons.

With their 1990s supremacy in the rearview mirror, the Cowboys' 21st-century reputation is largely one of postseason failure. 

After securing the NFC's second seed in the regular season, it appeared that the Cowboys should have easily handled a visiting Green Bay Packers club that many assumed were simply thrilled to be here. 

Except that they are the Cowboys, who haven't advanced to the NFC Championship Game since 1995. At this point, their fans have come to expect shame, no matter how overwhelmingly the odds appear to be in their favor.

Even the most pessimistic supporters did not expect Dallas to enable the Packers to score 27 unanswered points in the first half of Sunday's playoff game, their worst deficit since 1969. 

Dallas needed a defensive penalty to score a touchdown before the half ended, making the score 27-7 at halftime.

The momentum did not last into the second half, as MVP of the Week candidate Aaron Jones scored his third rushing touchdown of the game early in the third quarter. 

That effectively ruined Dallas' comeback chances, though a couple Dallas touchdowns in garbage time resulted in a final 48-32 scoreline that made the game appear less spectacular than it was. 

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