The fastest NHL skater ever?

The National Hockey League is a league dedicated to speed. If one player were to merely outskate another player before shooting the puck past the goaltender, 

then that person would have become one of the greatest players in the history of the game. An incredible number of skaters are capable of flying. Jack Hughes and Nathan MacKinnon are examples of stars who, 

once they get going, are difficult to defeat. Grinders such as Miles Wood and Andreas Athanasiou have the potential to outskate the majority of the league's players in a race that is a straight line.

On a tremendous play, a player may break 20 miles per hour once or twice during the course of a season in other leagues, but the National Hockey League (NHL) sees this happen on a regular basis. 

Newly, the National Hockey League began monitoring this data, which allows us to have a better idea of how quickly players are skating. The forward for the Philadelphia Flyers, Owen Tippett,

holds the highest peak speed of the season as of the time this article was written. He scored a goal in overtime at a speed of 24.21 miles per hour.

After determining who had the fastest burst, our next question is to determine who has been the fastest skater in the league's whole history from the beginning. Naturally, some of the older stars,

 such as Maurice Richard, will be difficult to track down because these individuals did not have access to the data back then. On the other hand, it is generally accepted that athletes are becoming more powerful and faster as a result of the increased knowledge that we have regarding the science of the human body.

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