The NBA trainer Jasper Bibbs discusses Donovan Mitchell's talent, Zion Williamson's fitness, and Africa's talent.

BA trainer to the stars Jasper Bibbs now runs the NBA Africa Academy's athletic performance program in Senegal and encourages kids to emulate Donovan Mitchell.

Bibbs, Zion Williamson's former personal strength and conditioning coach before joining the academy, 

cited 'Spida' as a consistent athlete for the Academy adolescents to imitate.ESPN quoted Bibbs: "

"I told them that Donovan Mitchell is a consummate professional.

You never knew if he had 43 points, 50 points, 38, 12 or 17, eight turnovers, or ESPN highlight dunks because he was always the first in the practice facility the next day.

He was always first in treatment, weight room, and court. He was that man daily. 

 He was the quintessential professional, and his regimen paid off and still does.

"You would never know if he had a career-best or worst game. He would work and focus the same the next day.

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