The US military confirms an Osprey crash in Japan killed at least one person and says the search for the remaining seven continues.

Tokyo — The hunt for seven American service men in Japanese waters continued Friday, two days after a US Air Force Osprey plane crashed into the sea off the tiny island of Yakushima, 

killing at least one person. The US military was participating in a large search and rescue operation undertaken by Japanese authorities shortly after the disaster.  

The US Air Force Special Operations Command announced Friday that the remains of one of the Osprey's eight crew members had been discovered, 

as Japanese officials had indicated shortly after the search began. 

The whereabouts of the remaining seven airmen were unknown Friday, according to the Air Force statement,

which expressed "sincere gratitude to all the units and Japanese partners involved in assisting us in locating our Airmen."

According to the US military, the search and rescue included air, surface, and subsurface searches of the water and beaches near Yakushima.

The Japan Coast Guard announced on Thursday that it had deployed side-scan sonar to search the seafloor for evidence of the doomed Osprey. Several pieces of airplane debris, as well as a huge, empty orange life raft, were recovered from the ocean on Wednesday.

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