The Very Best Christmas Nail Designs

Classic Red and Green

Paint your nails in traditional Christmas hues such as red and green. Alternate the colors on each nail or make decorative patterns.

Santa Claus Nails

Paint Santa's face, hat, and beard on your nails to make him stand out. This design is charming and instantly puts you in the holiday spirit.


Make tiny snowflakes on a background of winter blue or silver. This design is exquisite and perfectly reflects the spirit of the season.

Christmas Tree Nails

Paint Christmas trees on your nails using different tones of green for the branches and bright ornaments. For a finished effect, add a star on top.

Candy Cane Stripes

To replicate the look of candy canes, use red and white stripes. This basic yet festive pattern can simply accomplished with tape or nail striping tools.

Glittery Gold

Use gold glitter polish to achieve a beautiful look. It can be used on all of your nails or as an accent color with red or green.

Holly Berries

For a typical Christmas effect, paint holly foliage and berries. This design is both festive and elegant.

Christmas Sweater Nail

Make your nails look like a comfortable Christmas sweater by using elaborate patterns and designs. This is a bit more complicated, but it looks amazing.

Gingerbread Man

Make charming gingerbread guys out of your nails. You can paint them in different poses or make a pattern out of several gingerbread guys.

Winter Wonderland

With a snowy scene on your nails, you can capture the romance of winter. Make a base of white polish and then add snowflakes, snowmen, and other winter themes.

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