The Yankees' Monday meeting with Yoshinobu Yamamoto and what follows.

– Yankees, among other MLB teams, aim to sign NPB star Yoshinobu Yamamoto; meeting scheduled at Wasserman agency in LA on Monday.

– Key attendees from the Yankees include Hal Steinbrenner, Brian Cashman, Aaron Boone, and Matt Blake, demonstrating the team's serious interest.

– Other interested teams include the Mets, Dodgers, Giants, Red Sox, Cubs, and Cardinals; Giants met with Yamamoto on Sunday.

– Yamamoto has privately expressed interest in the Yankees, and the team's gesture of holding his preferred jersey number, 18, last season is noted.

– Former NPB and Yankees star Hideki Matsui, now a Yankee employee, is helping in the negotiations and has a meaningful relationship with Yamamoto's agent.

– Both Yankees and Mets prioritize Yamamoto as their top free agent this winter, even over Shohei Ohtani; Dodgers, who signed Ohtani, can't focus solely on Yamamoto.

– Meetings of this nature typically last 1-2 hours, with the team doing most of the presenting; Wasserman group's high-ranking members may also attend.

– Yamamoto is expected to sign with a team before Christmas; the Mets are awaiting confirmation for a potential follow-up meeting before his decision.

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