Tom Cruise's next film will be far more daring than Top Gun 3.

Tom Cruise's films have become synonymous with death-defying action sequences, but one picture in development may prove to be more dangerous than Top Gun 3, the upcoming Mission 

Impossible film, or any other film in which the actor has previously acted. Despite being over 61 years old, Cruise continues to push the boundaries of what a movie star 

can achieve in terms of perilous stunts. For decades, Cruise's real-life stunts  

and action have been a distinguishing aspect of his films, and his daring exploits are set to continue in the yet-unconfirmed Top Gun 3. 

Following the success of Top Gun: Maverick and Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One, Cruise is likely to be busy with performing  

and behind-the-scenes responsibilities in the upcoming films in both blockbuster franchises. Tom Cruise does, however 

have another picture in the works that will make the action set pieces in his recent blockbusters look tame in comparison.  

For the new film, Cruise and his team intend to go where no Hollywood movie star has gone before - a feat that far outstrips his Top Gun ambitions. 

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