Travis Hunter Reveals Colorado’s Main Issue In Deion Sanders’ First Year

The Colorado Buffaloes were the biggest story and question mark in collegiate football heading into the 2023 season.

The attention that head coach Deion Sanders draws simply by being present is out of this world, but it was amplified when he radically revolutionized how a squad may be formed.

Regarding his choice, Seaton said "Undisputed" on Thursday, "You've got to believe in Coach Prime."  

 During his brief tenure, Sanders pleaded with the players on Colorado's 2022 roster to transfer so that he could bring in as many portal players as possible. 

He eventually brought in more than 50 transfer portal athletes from colleges ranging from Alabama to Kent State.

In essence, because to Sanders' younger son Shedeur, the Buffs ended up being incredibly successful at quarterback and decent at the skill positions, with names like Travis Hunter and Xavier Weaver sticking out. 

However, the team's play in the trenches was a huge shortcoming, as they were routinely out-muscled and pushed around on both sides of the ball.

We witnessed this after their 3-0 start in Pac-12 play against teams like Oregon, USC, UCLA, and Oregon State. 

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