Two and a half years ago, Netflix paid $30 million for the rights to a "John Wick"-like action film.

It is hardly even exaggerated to say that Monkey Man will wind up becoming a worldwide phenomenon if you look at all of the individual components.

Dev Patel, an Academy Award nominee and one of the most reliable actors of his generation, stars in, co-writes, produces.

And directs his first full-length film, "John Wick in Mumbai," which is tantalizing for lovers of the actor and the genre.

In fact, the hype was so intense that, not long after principal production was over, Netflix stepped in and paid a cool $30 million to purchase the distribution rights.  

The only issue is that this occurred back in March 2021, but Monkey Man has vanished without a trace.

What's on Netflix has done some research, and it doesn't seem like there will be a premiere very soon either. 

The streaming service initially announced Monkey Man as part of its slate for 2022 and 2023, before covertly removing it on both times. There have been no official visuals and not even a hint of a teaser. 

In the course of the narrative, Patel's recently freed prisoner is dragged into a world of corporate greed, pitting him against those who robbed him of everything before he was imprisoned. 

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