WATCH: $45,000,000 in value Coach Prime receives a diamond-encrusted chain as a gift from his son, Deion Sanders Jr.

Deion Sanders Jr., commonly known as "Bucky," is having a good time during the college football offseason. 

He's known as the Colorado Buffaloes' "media guy," and he produced a movie on his YouTube channel titled "Well Off Media" that gives fans a glimpse into the Sanders family.

Deion Jr. is seen in the video talking on a video conversation with his friend Victor Rodriguez, who gave him an ornate necklace with "crosses."

Bucky obtained it as a gift for his father, Deion "Coach Prime" Sanders. However, before handing it to him, Deion Jr. tested it on his wrist to see how it felt.

He then went to the Colorado coach's office and gave him a different diamond-studded necklace from the one on his wrist. When the Colorado coach saw the watch, he couldn't help but say:

Deion Sanders then inquired whether it was available in a different color because it did not match his other items. Sanders' other chains and jewelry have a yellowish hue to them, and everyone knows how fussy he is about his appearance.

Deion Sanders Jr. then had the chain personalized, which he demonstrated later in the video. The new yellowish diamond-studded chain had a lock that said "PRIME."

Shedeur Sanders poked fun at his brother Deion Sanders Jr. in a pleasant scene filmed by Well Off Media. The joke centered on their father, Deion Sanders, who is currently worth roughly $45 million, according to Forbes.

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