What is Jerry Jones thinking? Mike McCarthy is safe with the Cowboys thanks to optimism and loyalty

In the year 2020, the Dallas Cowboys made the decision to employ Mike McCarthy as their head coach in order to accomplish something that their previous coach

Jason Garrett, had not been able to do: get past the postseason hump.3Even after four years, McCarthy has not done so.

Over the course of more than 28 years, the team has not been able to achieve either the National Football Conference

championship game or the Super Bowl, despite the fact that he has led a great group to both of these occasions.

The question of whether McCarthy would return to the Cowboys is comparable to the question of whether Jerry Jones would behave in the same manner

Taking everything into consideration, McCarthy’s Cowboys had not only failed to go further in the playoffs than they had in previous 12-5 seasons,

but they had also suffered a wild-card embarrassment at home this year, despite the fact that they had won on the road the prior year. By the standards of the postseason, the club went backwards.

Among the six teams that were hosting wild-card games, the Cowboys were the only team to suffer a loss for the second time in the past three years.

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