Why Is Selena Gomez's Style 'So Distinctive' Mabel from the OMITB

Dana Covarrubias explained how she outfits Selena Gomez, Martin Short, and Steve Martin in Only Murders in the Building.

The stars are “very involved” in arranging their characters' outfits, especially Short, 73, who plays Oliver Putnam.

“He loves talking about Oliver—‘Is this too much? Too much?’” Covarrubias told Us exclusively Friday, September 22.

Although the series is a comedy and the fashion “can be silly,” it must be “balanced in a way that it’s not too over the top or not too silly,” she said.

Covarrubias said fitting actors is her “favorite” part of the job. There is a fantastic creative process that occurs... 

“You really create the character with the actor,” she exclaimed. “It’s just so fun to think that something I do means so much to the actor or affects so much performance.”

Covarrubias draws color inspiration from Gomez's red carpet outfits, but her personal style is far from Mabel Mora's.

“I just take the color element, but I'm not putting her in these very glamorous things that she wears in her red carpet life,” Covarrubias told Us.

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