'Yellowstone' CBS Premiere Draws Big Audience

When it comes to viewership figures, Yellowstone seldom fails to impress, but this time it has a welcome addition. 

The Taylor Sheridan-created show premiered on CBS last week to an astonishing 6.6 million people. 

After taking into consideration three days of delayed viewing on systems like VOD, DVR, and others, the figure increased to around 7.5 million. 

Despite the fact that the show is quite popular and has a high replay value, Variety reports that "around 50% of those viewers had never seen the cable drama before." 

While the other half was made up of fans who were tuning in for a rewatch and were familiar with the antics of the Dutton family.

All because to Sheradan's inventiveness, Yellowstone revolutionized cable TV and brought the Western genre back with a dramatic twist. 

It had 2.8 million viewers for its Paramount Network debut in 2018 before going on to get widespread praise and hype for Season 5, which debuted in November of last year to an audience of 8.8 million. 

Additionally, when the network's scripted programming was canceled this fall due to the WGA and SAG strikes, the executives chose to air Yellowstone reruns on CBS, which attracted new viewers.

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