Witness: Heckler taunts Novak Djokovic by yelling “get vaccinated mate”

When Novak Djokovic was getting about to serve on a match point against Tomas Martin Etcheverry at the Australian Open, he was heckled once more. The record 24-time Grand Slam champion was exhorted to “get vaccinated, mate,” just as he was about to serve.

“Get vaccinated, mate,” was the yell that broke the stillness as Djokovic was getting ready to serve in the third-set tie-break. He was leading by two sets and had a 6-2 lead in the tiebreak. In response, Djokovic removed himself from the service line in order to gather his thoughts and regain his concentration.

Djokovic’s return to the service line resulted in an ace, which confirmed his victory over Etcheverry in a straight-set match and earned him a spot in the round of 16. During the time when Djokovic was making his way towards the net, he displayed a look that was deeply determined and pointed his racquet in the direction of his box.

Witness: Heckler taunts Novak Djokovic by yelling "get vaccinated mate"Witness: Heckler taunts Novak Djokovic by yelling "get vaccinated mate"

Additionally, Djokovic was subjected to jeering while he was competing against Alexei Popyrin.
Early on in the fourth set of his match against Alexei Popyrin in the second round of the Australian Open, Djokovic was subjected to a heckler, which resulted in a very tense moment. He asked the heckler to come down from the stands and say whatever he wanted to his face. At one point, Djokovic snapped at the heckler and invited him to come down.

Although the heckler backed down after Djokovic unloaded on him, the incident left the Serb incredibly energized, as the world No. 1 won 10 of the next 12 points on his way to clinching a victory over Popyrin by a score of 6-3, 4-6, 7-6, (4), and 6-3. It was preferable for him not to repeat what the heckler said to him, but Djokovic stated that it was something that “stepped over the line.” Djokovic made this statement after the match.

“Yes, it is. I will not take a seat and declare that everything is well. It is not up to par. This, of course, makes me angry. It is a source of frustration for me. When Djokovic was asked in Melbourne if it hurts him when “idiots in the crowd go too far,” one of his responses was, “I don’t want to be experiencing that, but I have to accept it as it is.”


Witness: Heckler taunts Novak Djokovic by yelling "get vaccinated mate"

When someone crosses the boundary, there are instances when I am unable to endure it. And that’s it. This is the actual occurrence. The people consume a few drinks. In addition, I believe that late at night is another factor that probably plays a role in how people feel and behave.

At the next match of the Australian Open, which will take place at Melbourne Park, Djokovic will compete against Adrian Mannarino for a spot in the quarterfinals.

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