WNBA draft: Will the Caitlin Clark be the No. 1 pick?

The anticipation surrounding the WNBA draft is palpable, with the Indiana Fever once again securing the coveted No. 1 overall pick. After snagging Aaliyah Boston in the previous year’s draft, the Fever find themselves in a prime position yet again to make a monumental selection in the form of Caitlin Clark from Iowa. However, the landscape of college hoops is far from settled, and the draft remains several months away. The prospect of securing a player like Clark is tantalizing, but she’s not the lone star in the collegiate realm.

Paige Bueckers, the talented point guard from UConn, presents a formidable challenge to Clark’s projected top spot. Bueckers, despite navigating a comeback from an ACL injury, is anticipated to be a major force during March Madness. Her resilience, coupled with her exceptional skills on the court, positions her as a strong contender for the top pick.

The uncertainty surrounding both Clark and Bueckers adds an intriguing layer to an already compelling draft scenario. With the option to potentially extend their collegiate careers due to the COVID-19 waiver, the decision-making process for these exceptional athletes becomes more complex. It’s a testament to their talent and dedication that they have the option to mull over another season in college, further refining their skills and solidifying their draft stock.


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For the Indiana Fever, the impending decision holds immense weight. Aaliyah Boston’s acquisition in the previous draft showcased the Fever’s keen eye for talent. Securing a player of Clark or Bueckers’ caliber could significantly shape the franchise’s future. The luxury of having the first pick in consecutive years is an opportunity that demands careful consideration and thorough evaluation of the available talent pool.

Both Clark and Bueckers possess qualities that transcend statistical prowess. Their leadership, court vision, and ability to impact the game in multifaceted ways elevate their value beyond mere numbers. They represent the future of women’s basketball, embodying the evolution of the sport with their skill sets and determination.

The WNBA draft is not merely about selecting the best player available; it’s about finding the perfect fit for a team’s culture, strategy, and aspirations. Each player brings a unique blend of talents and experiences that could mesh differently with various franchises. The Fever, along with the Los Angeles Sparks, Phoenix Mercury, and Seattle Storm following closely in the draft order, face the challenge of making selections that align not only with immediate needs but also with long-term visions.


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As the college basketball season unfolds, all eyes will be on Clark, Bueckers, and other rising stars, observing their performances, leadership, and resilience. Their journey to the WNBA holds the promise of reshaping the league’s landscape, injecting new energy, and inspiring a generation of young athletes.

The countdown to the 2024 WNBA draft has begun, and with it comes the exhilarating uncertainty of who will be the top pick. Whether it’s Clark, Bueckers, or another emerging talent, the league awaits the arrival of a transformative player ready to leave an indelible mark on the sport.


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